The label creating a multidisciplinary fashion experience: Wear? Magazine interviews Blank Fabrics

Created as a reaction to the world around them, fashion label Blank Fabrics SS19 collection provides calm at a time when the world needs it most.

The Italian brand, founded in 2016, has taken a multidisciplinary approach to its second drop, fusing together music, photography, film and fashion to portray their opinions about the world.

The name Blank Fabrics portrays an emotional reaction “to the trend-driven nature of the creative ecosystem and its loss of sensibility” and their latest set of designs comes as part of their “urge to create our own creative environment, where we could express our ideas and interests.”

Titled ‘Il Caffè Certe Domeniche’, translating to ‘Coffee on certain Sundays’, the collection is an ode to the designer’s youths. The four creatives involved would often spend their weekends around a coffee table discussing anything and everything.

Their latest discussions have clearly been centred around producing items that do their conversations justice and on 14 January 2019, Blank Fabrics released some unique and immensely high-quality garments.

Kaine Harrys, one of the label’s two Creative Directors, said: “Each garment is developed individually in sartorial ateliers, with attentive craftsmanship. Contemporary minimalism and tailoring, form a timeless and effortless wardrobe of essentials.”

The collection is limited, adding a streetwear element to the label’s activity, most of which is focussed heavily on quality, as opposed to sell-out ties like many other streetwear brands.

“Limited collections derive from our notion of building a carefully curated wardrobe and its essentials through timeless pieces. This allows a meticulous process of research of material and fabrics for each garment, that enhances craftsmanship and quality.”


The creations represent the personal aesthetics the Blank Fabrics team have whilst promoting the purity behind silhouettes and details that speak for themselves.

Kaine states: “There is a particular beauty held by quietness.”

Blank Fabrics have made noise, however. Utilising many creative areas to create a multidisciplinary collection.

“We are experimenting with a multidisciplinary approach, where different mediums merge and create a visual identity. Through music, Blank Sounds, we have the opportunity of presenting ourselves through a different lens.

“It gives more profound meaning to what we do and who we are. The same way you can enhance certain flavours of a dish if served with the right wine. We try and present our philosophy accompanied by the music that inspires us.”

The Italian surroundings also provide a creative source for those at Blank Fabrics. The team draw inspiration from their everyday life in the country whilst using Italian expertise to their own gain.

“In Italy, we are lucky enough to benefit from the expertise of local artisans and manufacturers. We take pride in our culture and we try to reflect this in a contemporary way.” 

Partnering Italian production with their own creative energy, Blank Fabrics’ ideas have collated in an incredibly sophisticated second collection. Fusing four disciplines together successfully, the focus on immense quality and creating a unique consumer experience not only what inspires them, but is something to marvel at from the exterior.

Kaine Harrys speaking to Wear? Magazine for Blank Fabrics.

Images courtesy of Blank Fabrics (@blankfabrics)


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