Wear? Reviews: New World’s ‘Ski Mask’ T-Shirt

Coming in fresh with three t-shirt graphics, New World have spanned the Pantones to produce three individually inspired pieces.

Black, white and yellow garments formed the basis for New World’s 2019 production and Wear? Magazine was able to get their hands on all three.

The white, of which is the centre-point of this review, finds itself inspired by hip-hop.

Screenshot 2019-07-26 at 16.20.13.png

New World told Wear?: “With the white t-shirt, we wanted to create something that would be eye-catching, it’s inspired by ScHoolboy Q’s album ‘Oxymoron’.”

Yet, the brand also wanted to flex their production powers to demonstrate their quality. This, as well as how to style the item, is explained below as Wear? Magazine reviews New World’s ‘Ski Mask’ t-shirt.


With music and fashion going hand-in-hand, and hip-hop central to that link, many will be able to recognise what inspired the graphic on the ‘Ski Mask’ tee.

ScHoolboy Q’s famous ‘Oxymoron’ album artwork is memorable and iconic, New World’s adaptation of the graphic adds a new angle on such a key piece of work produced by the LA rapper.

“We wanted it to stand out so used blue embroidery for the triple wording, which is a logo we’ve been waiting to use for a long while and we felt this was a perfect time.”

The decision to use embroidery instead of printing demonstrates intent from the new label whilst allowing the branding to stand out on the piece.


The options are open with this item as the print can be left isolated with it being small and appearing on the chest area of the t-shirt, yet the blue logo is very close to the Supreme x Nike trackies from FW17.

Dark denim jeans, because of the blue, not the right way to go with this piece.

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. With roots in hip-hop and high-quality production, this shirt forms part of New World’s strong 2019 collection. Keeping it basic with a white garment allows the print to do the talking and get recognition from anyone who has listened to ScHoolboy Q’s ‘Oxymoron’.

Shop the ‘Ski Mask’ t-shirt here, out now.

Thank you to New World for sending this product to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of New World (@newworldhub).

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