Wear? Reviews: New World Hub’s ‘Bio-hazard’ t-shirt

A brand with visions of collaborating with Palace, Places+Faces and GOLF, New World Hub have made their first moves in the fashion industry with four pieces, all demonstrating the brand’s creativity and diversity.

A white, embroidered t-shirt dons links to hip-hop while a yellow garment professes individuality. Yet, the focus here is on the black ‘Biohazard’ t-shirt that adds neon elements to New World’s debut drop.

As one of three items sent to Wear? Magazine, here’s how we rated the tee:


“The black neon shirt is inspired by the future e.g. being neon in colour, the blade runner type font.

“We used a black t-shirt for it because we thought they complemented each other perfectly,” New World told Wear? Magazine.

New World have nailed the most integral part of this review, the contrast. Neon pink is a colour that can struggle to find partners but against the black, it is clear, futuristic and distinct.

The ‘blade runner’ graphic is becoming more commonly used within streetwear and New World have offered their own take on the design, building it into some strong branding that keeps this product unique to the rest in the collection.


With such a bold colour on both the front and the back of the piece, black trousers seem the way to go with this piece to allow the pink to stand-out as much as possible.

Yet, similarly to New World’s ‘Ski Mask’ tee, the ‘Bio-hazard’ piece has the same Pantone as the Supreme x Nike pink trackies from FW17 so would also work well with those in what would be a bold fit.

Screenshot 2019-08-06 at 15.09.36.png

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. While black fills out a lot of wardrobes, the neon pink colour provides a differential without being over-the-top.

This item is one of the stronger pieces in New World’s debut collection as it makes the statement that they set out to when the idea for this brand was first developed.

Shop the ‘Bio-hazard’ t-shirt here, out now.

Thank you to New World for sending this product to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of New World (@newworldhub).

Socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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