Les Gens discuss their latest ‘Chrometype’ release

Following on from a productive grounding at Paris Fashion Week, Nottingham-based label Les Gens return with new products and a fresh-faced outlook.

The brand’s latest releases, black and white colourways of their ‘chrometype’ tees, is the result of a collaboration with the talented Ltn Graphics.

“We’ve had an obsession for a long time with this chrome/metallic font style and really wanted to put our spin on it for a couple of T-shirts.

“Ltn Graphics put our ideas straight into production and saw our vision for the design straight away.”

This release provides Les Gens with a further enhanced range, diversifying and bringing new ideas to their audience.

“This was something that we’ve had in the works for a while and want to keep our audience on their toes for new designs that might not be what they usually expect from us or have seen so far in the past year or so since we’ve started.”

With this fresh angle being carefully planned, Les Gens start their 2020 with a statement of intent.

The t-shirts drop online Thursday 27 February, check out the designs below.

All images courtesy of Les Gens (@lesgensclothing).

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