Quarantine Conversations: VT Studios

Thick into the lockdown period (UK), the change in livelihood has now become the accustomed norm.

Coronavirus has had an effect on every person in the world, every industry and every business. Wear? Magazine discovers what isolation means to underground streetwear.

Beginning in Manchester, Wear? checked-in with VT Studios to see how they were getting on with lockdown life…

How has the lockdown impacted, positively & negatively, the brand?

“It’s given me a lot more time to work on my designs and listen to a lot more music as well as doing research and the marketplace/interact with my followers, on the negative side it’s made it more difficult to get content

“But as a whole, it’s given me a clear head to plan long term and short term goals such as create a pop-up store”

Tell us more about the creative scope this lockdown has had for you…

“Well I think a lot of people are looking for things to look forward to during this lockdown, like people messaging asking for new tees, I’m happy to be able to give people something to look forward to, it’s a great feeling.”

Has the lockdown changed your outlook on design and the brand for the long term? 

“Yes, 100%, it’s really pushed me to release more designs and made me realise that this is what I want to do full time, so it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“It’s also helped me create a side account to document the journey to achieving goals such as doing VT full time, creating VT’s own brand and a pop-up shop.”

What advice would you give to other brands based on your lockdown experiences

“Make the most of your time, I think in both areas, fashion and general life, we will see who wants it and who doesn’t in this lockdown.”

Finally, if you had to sum the lockdown into one personal motto, how would you do it?

“A once in a lifetime opportunity to explore your creativity.”

VT Studios speaking to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of VT Studios (@vtstudios__).

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