Quarantine Conversations: Les Gens

Another week in UK lockdown brings another brand to the chair for Quarantine Conversations.

Wear? Magazine chatted, from a safe social distance, to Nottingham-based label Les Gensto get an insight into what their quarantine has looked like…

Firstly, what has lockdown allowed you to do in regards to your brand?

“Reflect mainly, look at what’s important, look at how we can be better when this all ends, and really look at the core of what we want to achieve hopefully becoming a better brand as a result.”

How has your creativity expanded since lockdown?

“Even though it’s been hard on a few occasions to force creativity especially when there’s been so much free time to think, it’s been good to really expand ideas in such depth.”

What’s been the hardest thing to deal with during lockdown, in regards to the brand?

“Staying completely focused 100% of the time, it’s easy to say it and want to do it but sometimes it’s not always the most effective, sometimes it’s good to have a break and go back at it 

with a fresh perspective.”


What’s the first thing the label’s doing post-lockdown?

“Connecting, still creating, diversifying and trying to push through the events we’ve been wanting to put on.”

Finally, if you had to sum the lockdown into one personal motto, how would you do it?

“Always support your local creatives.”

Les Gens speaking to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of Les Gens (@lesgensclothing).

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