‘Our family is you’: Wear? Magazine interviews Absurd

“To run a successful clothing business, you have to treat your customers and models like family. You need them to come back or you won’t have a business.”

The words of Absurd’s CEO, Mikey Dyde, remain at the heart of his brand’s vision a year after talking to Wear? Magazine.

Yet, at the time, Absurd was still establishing its connections in the industry and cementing its family. Mid-2020 and the unit is strong.

“I believe networking and building strong relationships was key to creating the family. It is essential in any industry, especially in fashion.”

Yet, the mission to create a huge family, all centred around Absurd, hasn’t stopped there. The brand are constantly on the lookout for new members, fresh educational avenues and areas to push positivity.

“Our community accepts all and does not discriminate. We’ve now spread our presence and culture to over 35 countries.”

Mikey’s personal journey in regards to this family success is an admirable one.

Working and studying, every second he gets free is pumped into his label. Sacrifices have been taken but Absurd has brought him new avenues.

“I regularly do stories to discover interest in our label whilst I love doing authentic live giveaways where I can answer Q&A before announcing who won the giveaway.”

This authenticity has allowed Absurd to not only integrate supporters into their family but put ‘U’ at the heart of their label.

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 12.11.31“The brand name represents more than just that, it is an electric community that is created by ‘U’.”

The ‘U’ featuring centrally to the spelling of Absurd, ‘you’ are central to Absurd.

“All content is created by others, all I do is put the puzzle together. That’s why this name was right for me because ‘U’ was in the middle of the word and it’s your brand.”

To make users acknowledge how crucial they are to Absurd, Mikey puts his all into production.

Since last speaking to Wear? Magazine, the brand has improved shipping speed, supported more local British businesses and done continuous charity work.

“I find it key to stay to your values and as you grow to give back to the less fortunate.

“It’s very important to help preserve the earth and, for the third year running, we are supporting the world’s leading conservation charity WWF.”

The charity work has helped shape the label, too. Being a flexible creative, Mikey adapts to new environments to produce content, clothing and continue donating.

Absurd’s recent movements have come to help promote safety and wellness during the Covid-19 outbreak.

This adaptable design process has only been furthered since Wear? Magazine’s last interview with Absurd.

“Recently, we’ve began a collaboration with an Atlanta-based designer called Leo. He works on the same wavelength as the brand and if I have an idea, he bring it to life.”

The continuous improvements, Kaizen, along with inspiration coming from across a range of genres has not only helped Absurd establish itself, but create a family unit and contribute to global change.

And with the goals of the brand to break into retail stores and drop fresh new collaborative projects, they’ll only be more donation opportunities and people demanding to be a part of the family…

Mikey Dyde, on behalf of Absurd, speaking to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of Absurd (@absurdclothing2017).

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