THE HEART OF GERMANY’S CREATIVE SCENE: Steezy On Doomsday explores streetwear in Berlin

From a range of young artists who are taking over the underground music scene to brands that get recognition all over the country and sell out drops immediately, the creative scene of Germany’s capital is creating a buzz and it’s not looking like it will stop any time soon.

One part of this talented scene is the 8 person-label Bipolar Berlin, the collective actively producing music, videos and clothing for and with the upcoming generation of creatives in Berlin.

Founded in 2018, they have worked with a bunch of people, ranging across many genres from athletes to artists, producing a variety of different projects.

A big reason for their success is, how could it be otherwise, the city itself.

“Over the last couple of years, the vibe out here in Berlin changed a lot. The output you get is just crazy, it motivates and inspires you in so many ways.

“You could compare it to the current rap scene in Atlanta. Everybody is working and trying to do something while also pushing and supporting each other.

“We love this mindset and it’s definitely a big help for us. Everybody eats and if you work hard enough, you can get a piece of the cake as well.”

At the same time, this can also become a problem when finding a niche and aiming to stand out from the crowd, but the guys at Bipolar have got this figured out.

“We are a family and have the same goal in mind. That’s making us different. Togetherness is our strength and flagship.”

The same problem also concerns the founder of the Berlin-based Brand Sample030, Ruben Jai.

“In Berlin, individuality is key. You see new brands popping out on every corner almost every other day.

“My advice is that you should get inspired and try to create something new each and every day, even if it means that a lot of people don’t really feel what you’re doing in the beginning.”

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Custom dynamic pants Made by @divaaa23__ & myself

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This is not only a big factor in the creation of Ruben’s designs, which range from simple T-shirts to custom creations, it also represents the collective mindset that has been reigning over Berlin for years.

Being different and having the freedom to live to the fullest is a big part of what makes Berlin so attractive and something the citizens love most about their city.

Considering the great culture and powerful history of the city, Germany’s capital always been a great spot to travel to.

But, the city has more than just tourist attractions. Berlin has a thriving arts scene well worth delving into and gaining inspiration from.

It’s not an opportunity to miss out on, although the city’s strong creative hub isn’t disappearing any time soon.

Bipolar Berlin and Ruben Jai speaking to SteezyOnDoomsdayWear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of Bipolar Berlin & Sample030 (@bipolar.bln & @sample030).

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