Quarantine Conversations: Comme Je Veux

An unusual time for streetwear brings an unusual time for streetwear brands.

The third instalment of ‘Quarantine Conversations brings forward Manchester’s Comme Je Veux. The label discusses what they’re doing during this period and what’s to come post-lockdown.

Firstly, how’s the brand been keeping during this lockdown period?

“We’ve been doing well – our Hu tee recently dropped and it was one of our best releases to date.

“We’ve slowly been refining and working on new designs for the rest of the year and we feel the lockdown has benefited us greatly by allowing us to consolidate and improve all aspects of the brand.”

Comme Je Veux

What has lockdown allowed you to do that you have never done before?

“Spend more time working with suppliers and on our sample process, making sure our products are as perfect as they can be.”

What negatives has lockdown brought the brand and how have you readjusted?

“It’s made it hard for us to shoot content for our socials however we have worked around this by utilising our connections well to get content shot by other individuals, and also explored different routes of generating content such as the recent showcase of our designs on Sims.”

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The Hu Tee is now loaded onto our site.

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What’s the first thing you’re doing when things return to some sort of normality?

“Shooting – this weather during lockdown has made us miss the process massively.”

Finally, if you had to sum the lockdown into one personal motto, how would you do it?

“Find the time for refinement whenever possible.”

Comme Je Veux speaking to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of Comme Je Veux (@cjv.mcr).

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