May’s Featured Brand: MKI MIYUKI ZOKU

As the brand approach 50,000 followers on Instagram, MKI MIYUKI ZOKU’s impressive showing during May suggests they deserve many more supporters flooding to their label.

Not only has the brand released a full ‘Pigment Dyed’ collection but it also engaged in many current and innovative initiatives.

The addition of ‘MKI at Home’ has given followers an insight into the aesthetics that surround the brand and provided a very appropriate release from daily ongoings. The series has brought people closer to the designers and creatives behind the account whilst taking the label further than just garments.

Yet, the clothes released by MKI have been just as impressive as the interior aesthetics. The aforementioned ‘Pigment Dyed’ collection has provided fresh new basics for the Spring/Summer season as even newer products continue to drop.

Polkadots, leopard prints and traditional stripes, MKI are bringing exciting patterns forward this season and are testing the boundaries. The loud style choices perfectly compliment the pigment dyed products that preceded them.

May was an impressive period for the UK based label and the coming months are set to be just as exciting. The label announced their iconic Dickies trousers are being restocked, certainly a release to keep an eye on after checking their new range.

Images courtesy of NovadysPerfekt (@novadysperfekt).

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