Founded in the emerging Manchester scene, Skitzo Worldwide are a brand pushing the boundaries of streetwear.

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‘Made with no limitations in mind’ rings true as the label push a unique range of denim, featuring hand-painted creations and patchwork. The items are truly individual to Skitzo, with nothing similar in streetwear.

For these reasons alone, the Manchester label are Wear? Magzine’s featured brand.

Delving deeper, Skitzo has garnered an organic following of over 1,700 people through seven Instagram posts. If this doesn’t highlight how the quality of their clothes is connecting them with their audience, nothing will.

Skitzo Worldwide have been active throughout Paris Fashion Week in January and have built on that momentum through the past two months. The brand isn’t afraid to incorporate others into their growth and are in constant collaboration with other Manchester labels, most notably Comme Je Veux.

Skitzo has also added their own interpretation to jewellery and journalism with two chains in their ‘workshop’ store and a YouTube account publishing anonymous interviews.