September’s featured brand of the month: Les Gens

Fresh of the success of their last drop, Les Gens, French for ‘the people’, have once again pushed forward with three new products this September.


Whilst the two t-shirts add further variation to the label’s product range, perhaps the best item from their recent three-piece release is the ‘Thermochromic Tote‘. With the print changing colour when it comes into contact with heat, the bag demonstrates Les Gens versatility and is unique within the streetwear scene.

What’s more is that Les Gens have been at the centre of parties this last month, utilising these events to create a culture and push their label. The brand is cohesively connecting sound and style, and doing it to a high degree.

Even more impressively, Les Gens introduced free shipping costs with their latest drop making copping from them even better.

Beginning Fall/Winter strongly, keep an eye on this Nottingham based label in the closing months of 2019.

Images courtesy of Les Gens (@lesgensclothing).