Welcome to the Wear? Wardrobe. Here is the collection of items that have been nominated for a Wear? Reviews.

VnT Studios ‘Ski Mask the Slump God’ t-shirt:


The first item received was VnT Studios ‘Ski Mask the Slump God’ tee.

The brand’s first endeavour into the vintage rap t-shirt market, fusing shades of Ski Mask’s childhood with his current rapper image, including the diamond-encrusted grill.

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Congro Store’s ‘Trap & Emotional Sh*t’ t-shirt:


The second Wear? Reviews came in the form of Congro Store’s ‘Trap & Emotional Sh*t’ release.

Inspired by an old Tumblr post, the brand turned the quote into a stitched-in statement when they produced a black version of their tee.

Other colours are expected but for now, shop here to cop.

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Les Gens ‘Horror’ t-shirt:Screenshot 2018-12-16 at 16.54.30

Les Gens, French for ‘The People’, treated Wear? Magazine to the ‘Horror’ tee from their Drop 2.

The brand took inspiration from retro film posters to create their own homage to the industry.

Including blurred faces in the design, deep references to messages behind the brand were created.

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